Our services are provided on behalf of third parties, using both materials from our own production or supplied by the customer. The machinery are used for different kinds of cable processings

Multiple cables
• PVC 70°/90°
• Silicone
• Lighting
Within our company a specific department is provided for the processing of multiple cables of different type and size, according to customer needs.
Single core cables
• PVC 70°/90°, different sections
• Silicone, different sections
• Silicone fibreglass sleeving
• Double insulation silicone
Our company is also provided with a department of automatic machinery of the latest generation for processing and finishing of single core cables of varying type, diameter and length.
IDC Connection Technology
• Single core cables PVC IDC Connection
• Silicone single core cables IDC Connection
• Multiple cables PVC IDC Connection
• Silicone multiple cables IDC Connection
The future is here. Automatic and semiautomatic machines work together in perfect synergy for the processing of single core and multiple cables, specific for this application.